Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Houston Quilt Pics 4

These are the last few photos from the Houston Quilt Festival.  I apologize for the delay in getting these posted, as they say, it's that time of year! 

The first group of photos are from the competition.

From the Art:  People, Portraits and Figures category:
 "All Together" by Hiroko Miyama and Masanobe Miyama of Japan.

From the Art:  Pictorial category:
 "Panic in the Pond" by Anna Faustino of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania.
 "Moon Drunk" by Susan Fletcher King of Houston, Texas.
 "Cock of the Walk" by David Taylor of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
 "Chihuly's Gondola" by Melissa Sobotka of Richardson, Texas.
This was the $10,000 award winner for Best of Show.

And for one last exhibit, these quilts are from the exhibit titled "In the American Tradition":
 "Dandelions" by Kathleen McLaughlin of Groton, Connecticut.  Quilted by Debbie Loeser.

  "The Compass Quilt" by Kathleen McLaughlin of Groton, Connecticut.  Quilted by Debbie Loeser.
 "Feathers and Stars Abound" by Zvia Strahilevitz-Klein of Israel.
And finally, my quilts. . .sorry about me being in the photos, it seems we didn't take any without me in them!
 "Last Summer's Leftovers" by Rahna Summerlin
"Fish Scraps" by Rahna Summerlin

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Color My World

The quilt I had in the Houston Quilt Festival finally arrived home this week.  Thought I would take some pics to show it off before it goes out to the next show.  It was inspired by an antique Trip Around the World quilt from the 1930s I had seen on Ebay and I loved it so much, I had to make one for myself.  It took over 330 hours over three months to create from start to finish.  There are 5,657 one-inch squares.  No pattern available at this time.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Houston Quilt Pics 3

More quilts from Houston. . .and just a note, this is a very small sampling of the quilts that are in the contest, there are so many beautiful quilts, it would take a year to show them all!

Art Miniature Category:
"Present" by Megumi Mizuno of Japan
 "Tomatoes, Basil and Garlic" by Sarah Ann Smith of Hope, Maine
"Wind" by Masanobu Miyama of Japan
Winner of $5,000 Award for Thread Artistry

Traditional Miniature Category: 
 "Home at Last" by Kaye Koler of Amherst, Ohio
Innovative Applique Category:

"Illinois Album" by Jane Sassaman of Harvard, Illinois
Winner of $5,000 Award for Innovative Artistry

Mixed Technique Category:
 "Twirly Balls and Pinwheels" by Sue Garman of Friendswood, Texas
Painted Surface Category:
 "A Bright Sun-shiny Day" by Terri Stegmiller of Mandan, North Dakota
 "Ricky and Lucy" by Nancy Sterett Martin and Karen Sistek of Owensboro, Kentucky
Traditional Applique Category:
 "Gorsuch Family Quilt Circa 1840 Revisited" by Margo Hardie of Australia
Winner of $7,500 Founders Award
"Forever in My Heart" by Lahala Phelps of Bonney Lake, Washington
Winner of $5,000 for Traditional Artistry

"Celebration of Feathered Star and Wildflowers" by Helen Rode, Jan Graetzel, Joanie Wyatt, Colleen Zabreznik and 18 friends of Vereins Quilt Guild of Fredericksburg, Texas
Traditional Pieced Category:

"Mass Maples" by Timna Tarr of Shadley, Massachusetts
"A Truly Feathered Star" by Karen Sievert of Bailey, North Carolina
"Sparkle" by Sharon Hansen of McKeesport, PA
"Forest of Life" by Kyoko Akaike of Japan
 "Recycled Silk Ties:  No Necks Needed" by Virginia Anderson of Shoreline, Washington
"Sun and Sand" by Linda McGibbon of Beaverton, Michigan
 And finally, my quilt, "Color My World."

I will show a few more from the show including the Best of Show winner in my next post, stay tuned!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Houston Quilt Pics 2

The following quilts are all from various exhibits that were on display at the Houston International Quilt Festival.  These are only a very small sampling of the hundreds of quilts that are on exhibit at the Houston Convention Center.  In addition to the varied exhibits, there is also the International Quilt Association's competition which includes the many categories where quilts compete for thousands of dollars.

The first several quilts shown below are by art quilter Caryl Bryer Fallert.  These are part of a travelling exhibit titled "30 Quilts for 30 Years" which celebrates 30 years of Caryl's art quilts. 

A quilt from another exhibit:
 "Cutting Down the Tall Poppies" by Helen Godden of Latham, Australia

A quilt from another exhibit:
 "Simply Santa Fe" by Cindy Seitz-Krug of Bakersfield, California.  This quilt is machine quilted with a domestic home sewing machine.

Next, these quilts are from the exhibit "An Exquisite Moment."
 "The Hummingbird" by Sue Bleiweiss of Upton, Massachussetts
 "XXOO" by Gerrie Congdon of Portland, Oregon
 "The Visitor" by Susan King of Houston, Texas
 "Fear of Flying" by Judy Coates Perez of Sacramento, California
The dog quilts below were from the exhibit "Festival Awareness Project:  It's Raining Cats and Dogs."
 "Best Friend" by Barbara Yates Beasley of Boulder, Colorado.
"My Blue Heeler 'Rosie'" by Laura Krasinski of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Please keep checking back, there are still lots more quilts to show!