Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Square at a Time

No, not MIA, but definitely been crazy busy!  This is a quick post on my day off just to show a current work in progress.
I've been a bit obsessed about using up a bin full of 1 1/2" strips I had cut, it seems like there were thousands of them.  You know how they tend to multiply?  Originally they were cut for another quilt, which I showed a peek of back in November, my star quilt that I did.  Even though I used up a lot of strips on that one, there are still way too many left over just to put away and forget about.
So I've been sewing here and there when I am not stuck at work (we own our own business, not always a fun thing!) and it sure seems I have been working way more than sewing!  Anyway, one quilt I've always loved and have never made was a true postage stamp, you know, like the antique ones we all drool over?  Just random little dots of color everywhere, no real planning or thinking, just easy sewing, perfect for letting your mind wander and dream.
So here are the results so far, and no, this is NOT strip-pieced.  This is put together the good ole-fashioned way, one little square at a time.  Not at all as tedious as I anticipated and it goes much faster than I expected.  I made 10 x 10 blocks of one-inch (finished) squares on point, then sewed it all together.  This isn't huge at this point, only about 44" x 58", but I am getting ready to lay out borders for it next.  One border will be pieced with more little squares and the other borders will most likely be solid white.  I like a clean vintage look and I think that is what all this busyness needs.  (No pattern available.)
That is some of the barkcloth I have hanging in my studio in the background, one of my obsessions.  I love that stuff!  But unfortunately prices have gotten so high, I can't justify buying it like I used to, not that I really need another piece!  But it inspires a lot of the colors I use in my quilts and in my house in general, I can't get enough of those pretty vintage colors.

And besides dealing with normal work and life stuff and the challenges they present, I've also been hobbling around on this latest footwear the last several weeks. . . . ignore the dog hair that is attached to it!
Isn't it pretty?  The latest in Spring fashion footwear. . . and no, complaining does not get me sympathy!  So I've been sucking it up.  Apparently I fractured a bone in the ball of my foot, not really sure how, but I am now wearing this for a total of eight weeks and trying not to go the surgery route.  At least it is my left foot and not my right sewing/driving foot, so. . .it could be worse, as they say.

On that note, hope you all have survived this horrible cold and snowy winter so far.  I know it must be pretty awful for some of you.  Stay safe and warm and happy sewing!