Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On the Porch

So where have I been, you ask???  Sewing like a mad woman!  And yes, I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging, but if you read on, you will understand!   
I am a procrastinator, I admit it, especially when it comes to daunting projects that I know are going to take me a very long time to complete.  However, I know I am not alone, especially where quilters are concerned!  We know we would much rather be cutting fabric up into little pieces and sewing them back together than doing just about anything else. 
But the time has come for me to snap out of it and take on some of these projects that are hanging over me (really more like NAGGING at me) and creating feelings of guilt and frustration for not getting them done!  (I am kind of being my own therapist here!)  And one of the biggest projects I've been putting off for a long while is making new cushions for ALL of our porch furniture.  It is daunting, to say the least. . . .we have FOUR porches!  And we hoard antique wicker furniture like we will never see it again, it's kind of scary!  But who can resist a bargain, right??  So here is my progress report so far. . .
Starting with a little sunroom off our kitchen. . .it's enclosed, fairly small, but probably one of my favorite spaces in our entire house (hence, I find myself wishing it was bigger at times. . .).  I hang out here a lot, it's usually where I talk on the phone, play on my iPad, and where my husband and I sit and chit chat about work.  It's also our pets' favorite hangout, they have a front row view to all that wildlife on the other side of the glass. 

The pink striped fabric is one I've had for years, but it's not an outdoor fabric, and I'm sure I will kick myself in a year or two because I know it's going to fade terribly.  But that's fine, faded is good, right?  It will just look antique!  The floral center in the back cushions is cut from a vintage rayon bedspread I have had forever.  I also have the same print with a blue background that I'm anxious to use somewhere else in the house.  The sofa/glider is old, old, old and super comfy, I love that piece, it's great for naps!  I made the cushions for it and did the ruffle around the bottom a few years back.  The flower pillows I crocheted from a Mary Englebreit pattern I bought years ago.  They've held up fairly well but I am still debating if I want to do something different there instead.
Now for the back porch. . .
Sorry, but I'm only showing cropped photos right now so you can get a glimpse.  I am still working on several things out here, it's a work in progress.  This porch is fairly good size and once again, lots of wicker!  It is outdoors, although it is covered.  But since it is exposed to all of the nasty elements we have here in Florida, all of this fabric is outdoor fabric to withstand the challenges of being outside.  I definitely don't want to be redoing all of this work in a couple of years!
Since I had both the floral and striped fabrics, I decided to keep this fairly monochromatic.  Our house exterior is blue, the porch floor is blue, it's just easier to keep it in the blue family and I will accent with color later down the road.  Fabric companies aren't really manufacturing anything in pretty florals right now when it comes to outdoor fabrics in particular.  So I am trying to make the most of what I already have, although I know I am going to run out of the floral soon, and then it will be a challenge to get creative.
This vintage aluminum patio chair is one of two we bought at an estate sale years ago for $10 each (no cushions included).  I wish I had the tables to match!  And I love how the stripe turned out on this. 
More chairs. . . .you would think we had 20 people living in our house with all this seating!  So far in the past month I've made 16 upholstered seat and back cushions and 7 pillows to date.  I'm almost finished with the back porch and getting started on the front porch next.  From there I will move on to another porch off our bedroom. . . Then I think we need to have a party to celebrate!

Finally, I wanted to include a few pictures my brother sent me of his quilt that I made (see my Brotherly Love post).  This is a second home he and his partner own in upstate New York.  I have yet to visit there, so I had to kind of guess how this quilt was going to coordinate with their décor. 
I am so thrilled to see the quilt hanging in his living room.  There is nothing better than seeing a quilt you have labored over and given as a gift being used and loved!  And I am so happy it goes with their décor and furnishings.
Doesn't he have great taste?  I think he should be a stylist or a decorator!  He is super creative and has a great eye for design.

So on that note, I will bid you all a Happy Summer and hopefully will have some more pictures of completed porch furnishings next time around!  Happy Quilting!