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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Come on in...the water feels great!

Remember when you were a kid standing on the side of the pool, you hesitated to jump in, worried the water was going to be too cold or even worse, that your bathing suit would come off once you jumped?  And meanwhile, your friends are swimming and splashing wildly yelling at you, "Come on. . .jump in!  The water feels great!"  You bit your lip, shook your head, hesitated again and then, out of nowhere, that kid that teased you who lived down the street runs up behind you and. . . wham!. . .pushes you in!  Next thing you know you are choking, arms flailing, but you suddenly manage to come up for a gulp of air and realize you are. . .actually. . .still alive!  Meanwhile all your friends are laughing and you think it's about you but soon realize it's really about the FUN they're having.  The light bulb in your head goes off and for a brief moment it dawns on you that it's not about being afraid anymore, it's about laughing along with them, living in the moment, having fun and enjoying what they've been talking about all along.

So that is sort of how I have finally come to taking the plunge and writing my first blog post.  I want to say THANK YOU for your patience and for stopping by.  This techy bloggy stuff isn't the easiest thing to grasp but I think I will manage from here and hopefully when I stumble, someone can give me a push to head me in the right direction again.

On that note, I want to thank Kim over at Quilt Dots for sort of bringing me to this point of "pushing me into the pool" so to speak, although she really wasn't that kid down the street!  Kim saw my quilts at Houston Quilt Festival last week and tracked me down via Facebook.  (Had I put a blog out there before now, she would have found me a little easier!)

Within a week, she has created these awesome pins and magnets from pictures I sent her of several of my quilts.  Aren't they great?  Kim has done such an amazing job and what is so cool is that you can make interchangeable jewelry out of these, she sells everything on her site, Zappy Dots.  What a great stocking stuffer idea for Christmas!  Thank you again Kim for doing such an amazing job!

So now that I am finally kicking around the pool, it's really pretty great after all, come on and jump in!  Stay tuned, I will post some pics over the next week or so from Houston Quilt Festival.


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