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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Houston, Kaffe, and Quilts

So after a week of being in Houston, a week of being sick, and the last three days spent transitioning from an eight year old laptop to a new shiny computer and Windows 8, I feel like I finally have a grip on what day it is, or for that matter, what month it is.  Funny how time flies even when you aren't having fun!  And knowing holidays are fast approaching has just heightened my anxiety levels!
Kaffe Fassett & Me
Thought I would share some of my Houston pics, now that I have finally transferred them over to the computer.  We spent three days walking around Quilt Market, seeing what is new for the next season and visiting with friends and vendors.  This is also prime time for getting over to the show and exhibit side of the convention center since Festival didn't open until after Market closed.  Seeing and photographing the quilts is much easier during Market since the public isn't allowed in at this time.  I will post some of those quilts over the next several days.

Stopped by to say hi to Kaffe, Brandon, and Liza at the Kaffe Fassett booth.  Notice the lighter colored quilt in the background in the photo above, a little softer and more understated than some of his brighter and jewel-toned quilts he is known for.  I really liked the change in color palette. 

Kaffe Fassett quilt booth

Kaffe Fassett quilt booth
These two quilts are also from the booth.  (I apologize for poor photo quality, these were from my iPhone and taken quickly, hence the blurriness!)

There was also an exhibit of Kaffe & Liza's quilts over on the show side titled "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"  I captured a couple of the lighter colored quilts, since they are what appealed to me at first glance.

Kaffe Fassett quilt

Kaffe Fassett quilt
Kaffe Fasset quilt exhibit Houston

The quilts in this exhibit were from Kaffe's new book, "Shots and Stripes."  All are beautiful examples of color relationships and  pattern using solid and striped fabrics.  Nedra at Cactus Needle captured some great photos of these quilts.  Be sure and check out her blog.  She has also featured some of my quilts there, too, be sure and read her posts!

Amidst the vendors are antique quilt dealers, probably one of my favorite things about market.  These booths are such an inspiration for ideas for coming up with new quilt designs.  And the best part is that you can touch and feel them!

This Trip Around the World antique quilt really captivated my attention, made from mostly shirting type fabrics.  And what a coincidence since it just so happened I made a quilt in the same pattern that was a finalist there at the show in the traditional category titled "Color My World."

"Color My World" by Rahna Summerlin
Market was truly a blur of color, pattern and creative ideas, definitely a sensory overload.  I am still trying to remember everything that I saw and everyone that I met and matching faces to business cards I collected.  I will continue to post more photos, stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the Shout Out, Rahna. I'm excited to see you start a blog! I've put you on my sidebar, and look forward to seeing all the wonderful quilts you will be creating, and getting to know you better.