Monday, February 9, 2015

Bedroom Decorating

I thought I would share a little bit about our bedroom, so I thought I would let you all in for a peek!
As you probably know, I am currently in the process (and a very LONG process at that!) of making an Ocean Waves quilt for our bed.  It is going to be the inspiration for, what I hope to be, a new look for our bedroom.  It may take me awhile to get it all together and complete it, but in the mean time, I will show you what our bed currently looks like so you can see the "before" look.

I have had a Ralph Lauren comforter that I have been in love with for years and this originally set the tone and look for our bed.  I made the nine-patch quilt using these colors as my inspiration.  I also collect vintage floral fabrics and they happened to work perfectly with the colors and look as pillows for our bed.
I used an extra flat sheet and made the Euro pillow shams to match the comforter.  Our wrought iron bed frame is not an antique one, but I still love the look.  However it has turned color!  It used to be very white, now it's sort of an ecru.  This is one of the reasons (among others) that I am wanting to change things up a bit.

As a quilter, it's always about the quilts!  I like to constantly change things out but I always keep things flowery and colorful.  I love pattern on pattern, especially anything with vintage-style roses, and I love soft, pretty, vintage colors, and I love busy.  I try not to get too caught up in the matchy-matchy look and just keep putting things together until it "works."  And yes, I make the bed every morning!  I cannot stand an unmade bed!
Here is the "new" look I am aiming towards, although it could change at any minute!  The blue floral is a vintage drapery fabric, the pink is an old Ralph Lauren fabric and the stripe is a home dec fabric I bought on eBay years ago and have been saving for the perfect project.  I guess you could say I am going a bit bolder with color, although all of my accents and furniture pieces will be whites and off-whites.  Hopefully the color won't be too bold and the overall look will still be soft with accents of color.  We'll see!  I am still hunting for a stripe or ticking to coordinate. I will have to complete the quilt and pillows and then make a decision once it is all put together.

In the mean time, I am hoping to start machine quilting my Ocean Waves soon, the marking is just about completed.  It's a lot of work, I forgot how much time goes into such a huge quilt!  I will show more photos once I make some progress.  Until next time, Happy Quilting! 


  1. The old look is already so beautiful! I love the pastel floral furnishings and they matches so well with your bed! Can't wait to see your new quilt and the new look of your bedroom!

  2. Rahna, your bedroom is truly a lovely retreat and I am sure the new look will be just as beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh. I just bought an ocean waves pattern today! How fun is that? It's been on my bucket list forever and this pattern promises to be rotary cutter friendly. Good luck and skill on your next project.

  4. I love your romantic style Rahna! Your current bedroom is lovely! I'm smitten with Ralph Lauren florals also! Your new fabrics will be gorgeous with your Ocean Waves quilt and I look forward to seeing your quilt progress!

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